Find Pride In Voluntourism

Global acceptance of the LGBTQ population continues to rise, and with it comes an interest in cultural immersion and voluntourism; 84% of millennials said they’d travel abroad to participate in volunteer programs, according to asurvey by Marriott Rewards Credit Card.And with programs working to support causes that directly affect the community, there’s no better time to get involved while visiting some ofthe best LGBTQ destinations.

Choosing A Voluntourism Program

There is a wide variety of voluntourism programs, and choosing a program might be the most difficult part of the volunteer abroad process. Most volunteers consider the impact they can make on the communitywithout realizing how impactful serving can befor themselves in return. If you’relooking to volunteer for a projectthat directly benefits or influences the LGBT community, check out the ones noted below.

Journalism Volunteering In Ireland

Want to get the word out there? Print it, and distribute it. Journalism can be a great way to promote peace, unity, and acceptance. When Ireland came to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015, it was through the very millennial-popular vote. Media played a huge part in globalizing the movement, and so you can bet journalism was also a big influence.

For a low-key volunteer experience, be the insight into the community, its challenges, and its hopes for a better future. If you’re skilled at writing thought provoking and informative articles, you might alsotry your hand at content creation. Media outlets need a real take on the issues, and you can serve as that person to provide it. Want to cover some Dublin Pride events while in-country? Set out in June to experience the festivities.

Human Rights Volunteering In Argentina

LBGT issues are human rights issues. Argentina was the first country in the continent to legalize gay marriage and same-sex adoption. Human rights advocates are at the forefront of the fight in helping to expand acceptance and love for this community in less tolerant countries.Volunteering with human rights organizationscan get you closer to working with LGBT communities throughout the world, and you also get to be a part of the fight for your rights on a global scale.

If you’re set on volunteering in South America, Argentina should be first on your list.  Buenos Aires, specifically, has a thriving LGBT community, and take note: pride is celebrated in November.

Grassroots Volunteering In Thailand

Thailand is a great destination for LGBT volunteers. If you’re familiar with the culture of Bangkok, this should come as no surprise. In Thailand, you have the option towork alongside grassroots organizationsthat fight for what’s right. These smaller organizations are known to give a voice to invisible populations who have little to no legislative support, even when they lack big sponsors and funding. They are typically working from the ground up, fighting for what’s right, with or without the support of the majority. This can further your sense of pride in the work that gets done for the community.

Volunteering on a global scale to bring LGBT issues to the forefront is something to be proud of. Not every country in the world is accepting or tolerant, so it’s important to keep it in mind when you’re making a difference abroad. Aim for destinations where you can experience the satisfaction of service, and the freedom to vacation how you want to.