Last year I had the privilege of representing India at Mr. Gay World and let the world walk out of their Oriental vision of India, and learn how accepting and aware our country has become in the recent years, thanks to the commendable job of our LGBTIQ rights activists. My journey was also possible because I had a generous soul helping me throughout. The wonderful Celina Jaitly, did a lot more than simply being a sponsor. Celina ma’am and Sushant gave wings to my dream, and the belief that I could be anything I wish for, if I put my heart into it.

This year, the wonderful Darshan Mandhana won our hearts at Mr. Gay World India, 2017 and will be representing India at the International pageant. And, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish the same without your love and support. Raising funds to make Mr. Gay World India a possibility is an immensely difficult process and we’d be very grateful to have each one of you support us in raising the required funds. Darshan, too has a message for you all:

“Mr. Gay World India is not just a beauty pageant, it is a cause, a movement and a platform to represent our community and country to the world. Currently, we are struggling to get sponsors for the pageant. It will be very encouraging to see more and more people supporting us from the community, but also from the straight allies through the fundraising which will help us send a representative from India at Mr. Gay World. “

Let’s make this happen India! You can donate for the cause​ here.

Anwesh Sahoo
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