Guwahati will host the 3rd Queer pride on 7th February. The march, being organised by XUKI- a LGBTIQ Collective- will start at 2pm from Dighalipukhuri Park entrance. Last year, eight north-eastern states had come together for the first time and walked together at the 2nd Guwahati Pride.

This year, people at the pride will be protesting against laws like Section 377 which criminalises consensual sex between adults. The pride organisers also expressed their solidarity with other people struggling for their rights, and fighting against state sponsored violence. A press invite by XUKIA read: “We celebrate the idea that love needs no policing, and that love will not bow down to any policing. We assert our right to our bodies, to our relationships – both sexual and emotional. We march to protest against all forms of discrimination that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer people face in our country. We also walk in solidarity and join our voices with everyone else around the country who are fighting against various forms of intolerance, oppression, censorship and moral policing and violence sponsored by state actors.”

Sukhdeep Singh