Rajarsee Bhattacharjee; Agartala, Tripura

It’s always who we are and not who we choose to be. For generations, people have suffered for having a different idea, knowing something which goes beyond the popular beliefs, expressing them in a way others could never understand. Shall we not at last allow people to just be themselves from this generation onwards?

Sexuality is something we grow with, and discriminating one’s choice of sexual priorities is nothing more than sheer absurdity. But we have seen the word “Gay” turning out to be something humiliating, “Lesbian” ending up only as some category in various porn sites. People feeling sexually attached to their own kind deserve better than this and this is high time that we stand up for their rights, for the rights of the generations to come.

Visibility of the allies is important as this will let the sufferers of the LGBT community know that they are not alone, that they can share and celebrate their love with people who do not really belong to their community. It will help them come out with a pride for their love and stand their ground with not the hope, but the firm belief that this world is as much theirs as it is ours.

Here, I solemnly pledge my allegiance to the LGBT community and I believe that I will soon disappear in the raging crowd doing likewise.

The Visibility Campaign features experiences of people identifying as LGBTQI as well as opinions of heterosexual allies. It attempts to fill a tiny part of the huge gap in LGBTQI representation by featuring the lived experiences of the gender/sexual minority from across the country, regardless of differences. The Visibility Campaign asserts the unique individuality of each person featured. It seeks to shatter stereotypes and broadcast the fact that LGBTQI people have our own strengths, weaknesses and identities, not suggesting this as a way to live, but simply telling that this is how we live.

If you identify as the gender/sexual minority, or are an ally and want your story/opinion to be featured on The Visibility Campaign, write to Queertopia at outintheopen2014@gmail.com. Tell us why you think visibility is important.

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