Watch: Teasers of India’s First Lesbian Web-Series

The ‘Other’ Love Story that will debut this month over the internet, is a same-sex web-series. It is also the first lesbian web-series from India, and the second LGBT web-series after All About Section 377.

Director Roopa Rao told news agency ANI, “If you are a sucker for sweet romance, if your heart belongs to unadulterated 90’s, if you miss the era when the internet/cell phones had not hijacked human emotions, if you want to indulge in something that you have never witnessed or something that has happened to you…(who has not been in love…the first earth shattering, life altering kind of love) – this is for you.”

We are definitely holding our breath. In the meantime, check out the three teasers:


Sukhdeep Singh