Poem: Love Bites

I noticed the marks upon your neck,

When at night I bent over to give you a peck.

And though you blissfully slumbered away,

My crazy mind kept sleep at bay.


You may have enjoyed my love and care,

Wrapped in my embrace, in no better a lair,

But when out of your pocket, a couple of rubbers slid out,

I had no choice but to give into doubt.


You had been out partying late or so I thought,

Getting drunk with friends ‘cause we had just fought.

But then staring at a truth so brazenly displayed,

I had to come to terms with the choices we had made.


Yes, I had been angry and sour before,

When you had been busy or took me for a bore,

Still, that was nothing compared to what I felt then,

I only wanted to get even; the question was when.


For a while I was fuming and seeing red,

Enough to fill any darn living thing with dread.

But as you happily cuddled up next to me,

From rage and revenge, I was set free.


For by gazing at your sweet and your adorable face,

I realized that with us vengeance had no place.

‘cause you had been no saint and neither had I;

Both of us had fallen, and that was no lie.


Sure, with time we had drifted apart,

For can true love from a one night stand ever start?

And though that fact we strived hard to disprove,

Beyond our differences we struggled to move.


And so I resigned myself to Fate,

If all was over, it made no sense to wait.

But as you clung to me while you slept,

I felt it better to rest a bit before I leapt.


Later in the morning when I awoke,

You weren’t near and my loneliness spoke…

But before it could pronounce our relationship dead,

You stepped out of the shower with your skin all red.


You said, “Blame the vodka and peanuts from last night,

I guess I forgot about my allergy after our little fight.

I hadn’t been thinking straight when I crashed at the bar,

And in my condition, how could I go far?”


“Don’t worry, I got help quite soon.

Those shots and pills are like a boon…

But not wanting to upset you when I got back,

I just grabbed you in my arms and collapsed in the sack.”


“I know I have been stupid and have acted like a fool,

But you’ve been so gracious and oh so very cool.

We may have issues, with which we have to contend,

But there is no hurt in the world that True Love can’t mend.”


You kissed me and hugged me and kissed me some more,

Until, I was convinced to my very core.

And then as I succumbed once again to Love’s darts,

I noticed the many hickeys we had given each other’s hearts.

Raunak Thapar
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