Season 2 of Web-Series ‘All About Sec 377’ Coming Soon

The popular web-series “All About Sec 377” is returning with another season in January 2018. While the first season focussed on raising awareness about the discrimination gay people face, and on how Section 377 impacts LGBT rights, the 2nd season will focus on transgender issues.

Season 2 of the web-series has been shot in a rural setting, in a village called Jatkhor and will highlight the struggles of transgender community in India. Amit Khanna, director of the web series, told DNA about the hardships faced during the shoot. “The shoot was never easy. Actors from Mumbai could not board flights. It was going on amidst the Baba Ram Rahim controversy and as well as Mumbai floods, Besides the village never really had the best of facilities available to shoot, so arranging for back ups on props and equipment too was a challenge. With everything done, the second season has turned out great! “

Sukhdeep Singh