Supreme Court overturns Delhi HC judgment, upholds Section 377

Indian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of India set aside the 2009 Delhi High Court judgment that decriminalized homosexuality on Wednesday as activists and lawyers nationwide expressed shock and anger at the unexpected judgment.
A two-member bench of Justice Singhvi and Mukhopadhyay set aside the Delhi HC judgment leaving the matter to the Parliament. The full order of the Supreme Court hasn’t been made available yet.
Activists across the country reacted in shock with the founder of Naz foundation, Anjali Gopalan, calling it a “black day for all of us that has set us back by 100 years.” Activists across the board, while admitting that the judgment was a setback, refused to be daunted by the prospect of fighting the same.
“Even if my country wants so, I will not go back into the closet,” said Rakesh Shaleen.
Anand Grover of the Lawyer’s collective confirmed that they will be filing a review petition and a curative petition in the Supreme Court, and will be asking for a constitutional bench for later proceedings.
Several cities across the country are holding protest rallies to decry the judgment.

Dhrubo Jyoti
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