Devdutt Pattanaik

lord jagannath puri

Krishna, The Girl

The mood that Krishna evokes with this feminine adornment is one of love and affection and play, a breakaway from the rigidity of those who control and comment on society today.

On Krishna’s Chariot Stands Shikhandi

Shikhandi embodies all queer people – from gays to lesbians to Hijras to transgendered people to hermaphrodites to bisexuals. Like their stories, his story remains invisible.

Your Smile, My Tail

When Hanuman returned from Lanka with a burned tail, and recounted his adventures, many monkeys of Kishkinda burst out laughing. “So, you got your tail burned t... Read More...

Intolerance Through The Lens of Homophobia

Intolerance has always been around. Homosexuals have lived with it for a very long time. Nobody is interested in removing the real/perceived intolerance. Everybody seems to be more worried about branding!