Why Closeted Gay Men Choose to be Single

Although closeted men are comparatively comfortable being in the closet, relationship with a closeted guy isn't easy. Hence, most of them end up staying single, or with "friends" whom they meet occasionally for sex.

Dry Humping Can Spice Things Up- Try It!!

In layman terms, dry humping is dry sex. They also refer to it as outer course, when you and your mate are fully clothed, in the mood, turned on, hard erections, and grinding against one another
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Millennials and Gay Romance

From the time when there were smaller online forums to meet gay men, now we have apps and wide range of people. But Millennials face other problems that comes against their gay romance

Does Love Really Exist?

Finding love in this world is hard,let alone a gay dude from India find his one true love. Has life for gay men always been this difficult ?