Dil, Dick,Dosti

OrMakaan, Kapda, Roti?

As decades age,

Priorities change.


One seeks a Dil,

Other needs the Dick,

Another cherishes Dosti.


He who seeks a Dil,

Is a hopeless romantic.

He who needs a Dick,

Is an honest hedonist.

He who cherishes Dosti,

Is a friend indeed!


But when desires get assorted,

Results are convoluted.


The Dil seeker gets a Dick,

The Dick hunter gets a Dil,

Heart breaks follow

People turn shallow.


Dil – heart | Dosti – friendship | Makaan, Kapda, Roti – House, clothes and bread


My fellow Dosti cherisher

Plays the agony counsellor,

Helping heartbroken men

He too gets tired often.


And then he seeks a Dil

But nobody wants to fill,

The emptiness of his heart

That breaks part by part.


A land of heart broken men,

Ram, Rahim, Singh and Ben,

I have only one advice

Just be happy and wise.


Dil, Dick or Dosti

Gay,panthi or kothi

Love might be quite unfair,

But all we need is some care.

So let’s come together and share

Words of wisdom so rare!


panthi or kothi – Vernacular terms for top or bottom

This is a poem from the collection of poems published as a book titled The Tree Outside My Window is a Drama Queen by Avinash Matta. The book can be bought at Amazon here

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