Sshhh! Don’t step out of the closet,
For people around you may have another mind-set,
Hundreds like you have hung themselves by the rope,
Look outside this tent, do you see any hope?

Perhaps in the cities, you could walk with pride,
Carrying the rainbow flag, having nothing to hide;
But this is the border and you are on a duty,
Discipline should be your priority, the only beauty.

You are here for a cause, for your country, for its defence.
So lock your heart in the closet,
Don’t cause any offense.
Don’t look around for people who you think may understand.
Even if they exist, they hide like you and won’t hold your hand.

Conceal your orientation, for you have chosen military,
Your patriotism isn’t enough, you should fear the history,
People far away may support you with solid resolution,
But here in the dark dungeons you’ll be hunted by discrimination.

Among this dearth of empathy, and abundance of alcohol,
Dignity will keep you tall and depression will make you fall.
And as soon as you realize there’s no heaven or hell.
The nozzle of your gun will look at you and say:
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Saba Fatima
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