Four men brutally assaulted a 16 year old boy in Delhi, stripped and paraded him naked through the streets, all because he was sitting on their Scooty. The whole incident was also filmed by one of the attackers who then uploaded the video on social networking sites. The boy has also alleged that he was sexually assaulted by the men, who shoved a beer bottle in his private part, but police have denied that any sexual assault took place.

According to a report in The Hindu, the incident took place four days back in Delhi’s JJ colony, but was reported to police only on Wednesday. All four accused have been arrested and sent to Tihar after being produced before a court.

Talking to media, the boy said that he was sitting on a Scooty when four men came and started asking him why he was sitting there. “Even before I could answer, they started bashing me up. They tied me up and started kicking me. They then stripped me naked and continued the assault. They proceeded to pick up a beer bottle and insert it into me even as I remained helpless and pleaded with them to let me go,” he said. He further alleged that the men stuffed chilly powder in his private parts. His mother too has made similar allegations and said he even attempted suicide.

The Police have however not filed a case under Section 377 or other provisions related to sexual assault, as they claimed there was no evidence of a sexual assault having been taken place.

“In the medical examination there is no history of sexual assault. In the video too there is no evidence of the minor being stripped naked. However, it seems that the minor was bullied and paraded and we have arrested four people,” Surender Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West), told The Hindu.

Sukhdeep Singh