To What Extent Would You Go? Living Male Dolls That Are For Real

It is one thing to get a nose job, a tummy tuck or a belpharoplasty done to look dashing, young and charming, and another thing to wear a second skin and dress as a living doll, or to undergo multiple surgeries and become the next Ken!

I was reading online about men that have gone to the extremes to have a makeover on the lines of their favorite doll idols. Most of them have had more than ten surgeries to complete the look, with repeats each year or every six months to look every bit KEN!

Take a look at these male living dolls and allow yourself to be stunned and shocked at the routine they have undergone! I for one am speechless!

Aaron Bruckner

He’s posed for the famous GQ magazine and has made a big name in the United States as well.


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Justin Jedica

A model from the US, Justin Jedica left no inch of his body (almost) to get those ninety multiple surgeries that made him the ‘doll’ he is today- he is known as the replica of Ken!


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Celso Santebañes

Celso Santebañes, another male living dolls was a popular figure known to the modeling world in Brazil. Sadly with so many surgeries that his body couldn’t take, the Brazilian Ken doll passed away in his prime 20s.


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Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves is known as one of the most ‘expensive living dolls’ in this world, and has spent more than one hundred and ninety thousand dollars in plastic surgery to get the look.


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Barcroft Roby

I don’t even know if this is his real name, but here is Barcroft Roby, a living rubber doll wearing second skin to dress up as a female doll and live as one apart from being a real-estate agent in real life


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Joel, 28, from Essex, has a girlfriend and lives with her, but he loves being a doll when he is not bartending. He has a female doll name too- Sherry! He isn’t a cross dresser but wants to be known as a living doll.

Robert as 'Sherry'

Robert as ‘Sherry’ (Picture source:

For some it is the passion to stay gorgeous and dapper all through their lives, for the rest it is a secret sub culture they live in and identify as straight males as well. Whatever be the reasons, I respect it and honor the desires too. However, I urge you all to read more about the men who live as ‘Ken dolls’ or ‘Living dolls’ and understand that they are not cross-dressers or homosexuals, but men with a different desire. Do we have male living dolls in India? What are your thoughts about the living dolls I have introduced to you so far? Your thoughts and opinions are valuable- do write in!

Rohan Noronha