Poem: Happily Gay

I’m born this way & I’m
happily grateful & beautiful all my ways.

I’m not gonna wait for any society, any strangers, any government to decide my rights to live, to love, to walk the path.

I won’t wait for the acceptance by anyone. My creator accepted me & that’s what that makes sense.

I know my limits, the religion, colors, liberty, energy & my passion.
I know myself better than the verdicts you make out of your knowledge.

I feel it more beautiful than you would ever get to know & i don’t even care whatever the fuck you feel about yourself, me or about rest of the world.

This is me, a human, educated, dignified, with my own flaws, chapters, choices, emotions & love for this life.

You may call me a gay, straight or whatever suits you but Hey !
This is always me to decide who I’m & what I wish to be & if needed, I’m gonna shout out my pride with no regrets.

Jai Gautam
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