Don’t you know honey I just can’t sleep,
Just can’t breathe the air around (when you are not around),
Don’t you know even my eyes wanna kiss you all over,
Even when your shadow is all around (me).

And when our love seems to fade away,
Listen, don’t wanna be a fool in your eyes,
Just listen to my breath – hear what say…
I just don’t wanna see us apart any way.

I just wanna say straight from my heart:
I miss you honey…
Can’t you feel the intensity ? Feel my heart…
Just wanna be right here with you baby.

Rather you make me feel the intensity that I’ve got
For every breath I take the every step I make (oh honey)
This is so wonderful feeling you know I’ve achieved
Baby I miss You in all my work, just search you all around understand?

What I could do to make you understand my love
How could I make you feel my heart?
But I always know that I’ll always be around my love
You and I can make it through a blast (love).

Listen to my beats – hear what they say…
I know you also feel the same honey
Just look around you I’m there around you
Being apart intensity can’t lose coz I love you….

This love is unbreakable, rather untouchable
But can create unbelievable feelings (it is unbreakable).
Each time you whisper my name Believe that you’re mine
Swept away on a wave of emotion Honey you’re mine.

Pratyush Mukhopadhyaya
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