1. Wears khakhi chuddies underneath and salutes the police during pride marches.
  2. Wears “decent clothes” to pride marches.
  3. Is caste blind/casteless.
  4. Considers Intersectionality a “dirty word”.
  5. Hates the Cong, Left and AAP.
  6. Does not carry political posters at pride.
  7. Is Islamophobic, but craves for a Cut Muslim Cock.
  8. Says LGBT is one family, but trans are sex workers and Muslims are murderers.
  9. Hates Gaylaxy, calls it a “propoganda site”, “fake news site” and yellow journalism.
  10. Invites Corporates to the Pride.
  11. Favourite colour: Saffron.
  12. Will talk about the homophobic utterances of Church Leaders and Muslim Preachers, while totally ignoring the likes of Baba Ramdev.
  13. Will defend Modi by saying that he has not said anything on homosexuality.
  14. Drools at Kashmiri Guys, but considers them anti-national.
  15. Masturbates to Fawad Khan, but thinks Pakistani Actors should not work in Bollywood.
  16. Considers “vikas” more important than human rights, votes for BJP for “development”.
  17. Fetishizes Black cocks while being racist.
  18. Says, nation is bigger than my sexuality while justifying support for BJP

(With contributions from: Dharmesh Chaubey, Rituparna Borah and Sayan Bhattacharya)

(Illustration by: Aritra Paul)

Sukhdeep Singh