A gay couple in so-called homophobic Poland, propose each other in public over a hundred times through the year to check people reaction to their relationship. They recorded everything and made the breath-taking video that amazed people in their country.

Poland makes headline quite often, mainly thanks to the radical government that executes anti-democratic changes and encourages national movements. It has never been easy to be homosexual in Poland but nowadays it’s even tougher. In a country where 96% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic, ethnic and racial minorities account for only 2% of the society, Poles are not used to facing differences. ILGA (I International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association ) ranks Poland as one of the most homophobic countries in European Union and it is one of the last six countries in EU that neither accept same-sex marriages nor civil unions. While a far-right party governs, should LGBT community give up hope for a better life in their country?

Gay couple Jakub and David could not accept it. They got married last year in Portugal, but their marriage is not recognized by the law in Poland. They are fighting to change it.

Polish politics claims that Polish society is not ready for same-sex marriages or civil unions. Jakub and Dawid decided to measure peoples attitude to their relationship themselves. They proposed to each other in public places to check the reaction of people. One of them asked a random person to take a picture while he was going to propose to his second half. The catch was that people were not aware of the fact
that this is going to be a gay marriage proposal. They found it out at the very last moment when the other one was coming in.

They recorded all the situations and made an exceptional movie about it. It turned out that in so-called homophobic Poland they met mostly positive reactions. People were taking pictures of them, congratulating them and wishing them good luck! Among over 100 people only a few rejected to take a picture of the couple when they realized that Jakub and Dawid were gays. One time they had to flee when people at the market bullied them.

However, those were just exceptions among a huge amount of love and tolerance they received from the strangers they met. As they say, they didn’t remove any negatives reactions while editing the video. They included all that they experienced. Jakub and Dawid said that they were surprised and happy having so much positive feedback from people. It suggests people are more open to them than they thought and Polish politicians should learn from the nation. The latest film by Jakub and Dawid amazed Polish society and has made headlines in their country.

Watch the video below (and make sure you have the subtitles ON):