In a dating climate where ghosting, polyamory and everyone is in search of the next best thing are beyond the norm, it goes without saying that for any hopeless romantic, prospects for a successful dating life seem slim to none. Even for those in long term, “monogamous relationships”, the currents of temptation are certain to rock the boats of perhaps even the sturdiest of relationships. What it all ultimately boils down to, is knowing what you want, being honest and embracing the possibility of heartbreak.

In the new dramatic comedy “Love The One You’re With”, the third, written and executive produced by award winning black queer comedy pioneer, writer and filmmaker Sampson McCormick, not only does McCormick approach the topic of relationships and dating in a raw and honest way, but stays true to his dedication to authentic narratives of black queer men, tackling issues related to the community that affect our dating lives, such as self-esteem, coming out, drug use, not communicating honestly, the reality of interference from social media in relationships, and in some cases overlooking those who are right in front of us who could offer possibilities of romance.

The story follows a black queer couple Miles (Donnie Hue Frazier) and Avery (Anthony Bawn) as they tread the rocky waters of a possible break up during a lapse in communication over the course of their six-year relationship. While confronting the challenges that threaten their relationship, Miles’ best friend, Rene (Sampson McCormick) also a black, gay man and the blunt and tactless owner of an old school coffee shop affected by neighborhood gentrification in Inglewood, tries to help him make decisions that will save his relationship, while also being willing to step back and let life teach his friend a lesson, as he navigates the challenges of running a black business and unexpectedly walking into romance himself.

The cast features: Donnie Hue Frazier, Anthony Bawn, Danny Royce, Jefferey L. Jones-Dickson Jr., Jessica Shaday, Sampson McCormick (BET, TV One, VICELAND) and Hope Flood (Baby Boy, Comic View).

The film is sure to stir up some very necessary conversations about dating and relationships among queer people of color, and will be streaming on (, VIM Media, Amazon and screening at select film festivals.