This Prank Succinctly Brings Out The Homophobe In Random Strangers

It isn’t uncommon to find straight friends these days who will support you but wouldn’t want you to flirt with them. They will explicitly warn you even. Because that’s what every gay individual desperately wants. To flirt with the straight folks when they have better options. But here’s an idea: try flirting with them for a change, and be unabashed about it. The reactions may be varied, but more often than not, there will be a certain level of discomfort. It’s a great social experiment to test your pals and freak them out at the same time.

The question, here, is ‘why would anyone do such a thing to random strangers’.

Well, to expose the hypocrisy that is prevalent in the modern society, of course.

If you do not believe me, then check this prank out. The prank, orchestrated by the crew of a show called ‘Pranque’, has been designed to see what an average straight man would feel like when he is touched by another random man.

If you watch the video closely, most men immediately got off and started showing signs of disgust and raising their fists in the air. Makes you think what could drive them so insane.

Now I know it is borderline offensive because he is directly touching someone. And that is why the escalator works. Because imagine him confronting a guy and telling him verbally that he finds him cute. Based on the reactions, it is safe to assume that a straight man would immediately try to hurt him physically.

The twist, as we see, is in the end, where a girl does the same to a guy and immediately gets a nod of approval and a grin.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is modern-day homophobia in a nutshell.

Navin Noronha