Top 5 LGB-Themed K-Pop Music Videos

K-Pop, short for Korean Pop has been taking the world by storm, especially after the 2012 mega hit Gangnam Style by Psy. With numerous nominations in international award shows and charting several times on Billboard, there is no doubt that K-Pop is one of the fastest growing industries today.

Although the industry is almost full to the brim with heteronormativity, there are a few gems that think differently! Here are the top 5 LGB themed K-Pop music videos:

Rainbow – Planet Shiver & Crush:

This beautiful video aims to break taboos in Korea such as homosexuality and having tattoos, accepting people of different races, as well as encouraging being friendly to students, the disabled and elderly!

One More Day – Sistar

This one portrays a love story between two women interrupted by an abusive boyfriend, with a rather strong and controversial ending!

The Day Before – Nell

An emotional video about a man losing his lover to suicide.

Cry To Your Heart’s Content – Sweet Revenge

This is a sweet video encompassing two girls madly in love!

Please Don’t – K. Will

And for the grand finale, this video often stuns viewers with its unpredictability!

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