Body Fluids And HIV

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Dr. Uttam Dave tells you all that you should know about body fluids and disease

HIV is transmitted through body fluids. These fluids are blood, semen and to a lesser extent saliva.HIV is transmitted by blood mostly through anal sex. It is less certain to what extent semen or precum ingested during oral sex can transmit enough of the virus to cause an infection.

There are very few cases of men getting infected with HIV because they have performed oral sex on other men. For this reason, many men don`t wear rubber while receiving oral sex. While sucking is safer than having anal sex, it is not 100 per cent safe, and there are risks of catching other STDs.

Don`t perform oral sex under the following conditions:[list style=’warning’]
[list_item]If you have been to a dentist within 48 hours[/list_item]
[list_item] You have an open sore of any kind on the inside of your mouth or a severe gum disease [/list_item]

[list_item]Your partner has any kind of sore or lesion on his penis.[/list_item]

In all these cases, it is better to wait until healing is complete before engaging in oral sex.

All the above rules need extra caution especially if you or your partner is HIV+. If you forget any of these rules, immediately gargle with a mouthwash with 8 percent or more of alcohol or a suitable solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

If you are into irrumation (a man having sex with another man`s mouth) you might want to restrict it to oral sex only to avoid friction.

French kissing will not infect you with HIV, but it may give you other STDs. Faeces can also transmit Hepatitis when two men indulge in anal sex.

If you have a friend or a lover who is HIV positive, be careful when you clean his body fluids. It is important to always wear gloves. Also, it is very important that an open sore does not get in contact with you as it may transmit the virus.

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