All You Need To Know About Common Dandruff

As common as dandruff is, people are still looking for answers on how to control it.

Dandruff is the excessive scaling of the scalp skin and excessive oil secretion which leads to oily scales which stick to the skin, this in turn leads to further build up of the same which can have some amount of infection as well. Dandruff is often confused simply as ‘dryness of scalp’ but flaky skin is not due to dryness but excessive oil secretion. So oiling the hair as treatment is usually counter-productive.

Lets now look at the Stages of Dandruff :

Stage 1 : Oil Secretion & Incorrect formation of the scaly layer ( Keratin Layer ) with reduced shedding of scaly layer.

Stage 2 : Build up of scales mixed with oil.

Stage 3 : Greasy or waxy scales of dandruff leading to damage of underlying skin.

Stage 4 : Redness or itching of scalp with greasy scales and some underlying infection.

Stage 5 : Boils on scalp.

Tips :

  • Wash Your Hair Daily : Simply wash your hair with an emulsion which can be a soap, shampoo or even a cream as that would dissolve the oil and removes the scales along with the oil.
  • Avoid Spicy Hot Food : Spicy food generates heat in the body and further aggravates the dandruff.
  • Add Vitamin B to Diet : Add in foods with vitamin B (a deficiency can actually cause dandruff), as well as foods containing good oils such as green vegetables, protein, and grains.
  • Avoid Alcohol : Alcohol does have a direct correlation with the dandruff, so if you are looking to keep dandruff in check best to avoid Alcohol.
  • Yoga to De-Stress : Add dandruff to the list of things which are related to stress. Yoga helps in keeping your stress levels in check and in turn your dandruff levels under control.
  • Hot Showers in Hot Weather : We all love hot showers but a hot shower during the summer season or warm weather increases the oiliness in the scalp and therefore dandruff, but thankfully its fine to have hot showers in cold weather.


It is good to know about the triggers for dandruff but for most of us changing our lifestyle overnight is easier said than done but one can always work towards it – meanwhile you can use the Anti-Dandruff Creamwhich has a keratoplastic effect on the scaly layer of the skin – i.e. it encourages the scaly layer to return to normal and stop excessive scaling or “dandruff”.


Hypoallergenic cream to control dandruff which is safe for long-term use

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