First things first: Unicorns. Are. Magical. Being called one is a compliment of the highest order. Heard about the term, startup unicorn? A unicorn is an embodiment of quality traits; they represent surrealism, fantasy and prettiness. I, for one, secretly like to believe in their existence. Perhaps, they stay hidden throughout the continent; waiting to be discovered. If only, we knew of their secret hide-outs. But one day, we shall reach there and meet them face to face. Till then, unicorns continue to ‘exist’ in our imaginations and on the products around us.

They also have a reputation. In fact, their reputation precedes them. You can either adore a unicorn or hate them to bits (no middle ground, here), but you simply cannot ignore them.

If you’re still smitten with the idea of gifting the ilk of teddy bear on this teddy day, look around. A unicorn plushie is more than a toy; it is a symbol of hope and strength. When you gift a unicorn to someone, you are gifting more than a plushie; you’re gifting good vibes. So this teddy day, why not make someone believe in ‘magic’ by gifting a unicorn…

Here are the few options you can find on Indian internet:

Check out this baby unicorn in the peach shade; it has three hearts in red, yellow and purple across his sideways. Those hearts in a strange way, remind me of Tele-Tubbies- a show I grew up watching. Tele-Tubbies incidentally, is a hit show among celebs such as Kareena Kapoor, who also doubles up as a sassy queen.

Look at this sleeping cutie. What he must be dreaming? Perhaps, something happy. Or maybe he is just taking his power nap, before he sets off to spread some goodness.

One of our favorite picks, this is a panda, which identifies himself a unicorn. How cool is that. Our panda is unafraid to channelize his rainbow: out and proud, is ready to take a soaring flight (the wings, the wings), unapologetically so. Atta toy, we say!

This one looks ready to party. Notice that impeccably brushed up hair, without a single strand looking out of place. With a high level of standard, he surely loves to indulge himself. Doesn’t he?

This one has extra magical powers- it has wings and a furry multi-colored tail. His paws are pink, and eyes starry. This one carries stars within his eyes- a born dreamer. Feels one of our own.

Lessons We Can Learn From Unicorns:

  1. Embrace Yourself
  2. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  3. Accept Your Truth
  4. Groom Nicely
  5. Believe in Magic.
  6. Dare to be Different
  7. Leverage Your Uniqueness
  8. Being Different Can be Your Super Power
  9. You Are a Rarity


Vinay Agrawal