Did you know that men can’t wear a diver watch with a suit? The simple reason behind this is that diver watches are too bulky to be worn under suit jackets. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as the Indian retail market continues to grow, providing plenty more style and fashion options for Indian men. But when it comes to wrist watches, there are strict rules to follow. Even if there’s a wide array of watches to choose from, the right watch will still depend on a person’s unique style.

A wristwatch is a necessity

Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated, but no Indian man should walk out of his home without wearing a wristwatch. But just like knowing which type of chinos to wear for work or a casual day out, it is just as important to identifywhich wrist watch suits one’s style. If you’re giving the watch as a gift, the more you’ll have to pay attention to recipients fashion preferences. To narrow things down for you, here are the men’s watches to focus on.

For the Man Who Means Business

In 2016, the Indian retail market was worth US$641 billion. It is expected to go up to US$1,576 billion by 2026. Thefashion retail market is growing significantly, and it’s no surprise why Indian men are becoming more fashionable these days. With more choices, there’s more room to express one’s self through fashion, which means men don’t always have to wear the classic watch over and over again even if he’s wearing a suit or denim.

For men who’ll wear a business suit or something formal, the best wrist watch to go for is the dress watch, hands down. Dress watches are strikingly simple but exude class and elegance above all else. These watches highly compliment formal wear.

However, if you have small wrists, it is crucial to get the right size to make sure you won’t have a hard time slipping your wrist in and out of your suit or dress shirt. For men with thin wrists, go for watches with a case diameter under 40mm and thinner than average straps. You should also avoid thick cases and thick features like crowns and knobs.

Also, remember that leather should be matched with leather. If your belt and shoes are dark brown leather, use the same shade for your watch. If the wearer plans to wear a bracelet or a ring, metal to metal is the rule to follow.

For the Man Who’ll Go to War

If your man has a rugged lifestyle, the field watch is a good choice. Usually, these watches are encased in stainless steel with titanium construction or PVD coatings. The dial heavily contrasts the numbering as this helps the wearer read the time, even when there’s low light. These watches are built to be sturdy and to withstand rugged use. So if your man likes to go on outdoor adventures, the field watch will be of great service to him.

For the Man Who Likes Accuracy

Diver watches are highly popular among Indian men, and it’s simply because it’s a versatile piece of accessory. Initially, diver watches are intended for, well, divers – to keep track of time accurately and handle pressure when divers go deep underwater. Further, these watches are highly water resistant; the materials used for the case and the bands are resistant to corrosion.

Nonetheless, your man need not be a diver to be able to wear this timepiece. It’s a great accessory for men who have sporty or casual fashion styles. As mentioned, it’s quite versatile, which is why plenty of men prefer having one in their watch collection.

For the Man Who Likes It All

A big favorite among men is the racing watch. You’ll notice this watch immediately as it has a couple of sub-dials. For one, there is the tachymeter that calculates time and distance. There’s also the chronograph that acts as a stopwatch.

Not everyone who wears a racing watch will go on a race, but thanks to the unique design, it has become a well-loved timepiece for men. It’s great for semi-formal wear and casual wear, and just like the diver watch, this one is pretty flexible as well.

Wristwatches are considered a man’s signature timepiece, but it can only work if you wear the right one. As they say, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at his watch, which is why it is so important to take the time tochoose the right one. If you’re planning to give your loved one a watch, pay attention to his watch collection and see which ones he doesn’t have yet. This way, you’ll be sure that he’ll wear the watch you gave him and remember you when he wears it too.