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Anuj Arya gives you tips on managing your garden the easy way

We all love taking care of our gardens, but in this rat raced world where even twenty four hours seems less, maintaining a garden seems daunting and cumbersome. But with the help of scheduled planning, we can now use the best of our abilities to ensure that our gardens are well maintained and cared for. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend too much time thinking of the same, so read on please;

Instant effects work

The best way to get good ideas for garden design and results would be to use plants that don’t take too long to grow and they wouldn’t clutter or crowd the garden as well. Best plants species here you could use would be the passion flower and even potato vines. You could even use cordylines and phormiums, these are plants that are distinctive and create focal points where placed.

Bring down the pruning habit

You need to cut back on the idea of pruning regularly, and for that choose plants which wouldn’t demand too much of such care. Plants such as Mahonias, PittosporumTenuifolium, Ferns and Palms or even conifers work wonders. They have beautiful shapes, distinctive features and would manage themselves when placed in the garden.

Perennial plants should be avoided

We must tell you that perennial plants are a nightmare to have, because you would have to spend a lot of time dividing them, staking and even deadheading them too. Some of them have low maintenance reputations, such as sedums, acanthus mollis, holly locks and even rudbeckias too. It’s best if you use Osmanthus Delavayi and Choisya ternate, which are shrubs that flower and are sweet smelling.

Stop watering the plants too much

This is a time consuming process and its best to have Mediterranean species of plants which can withstand the dry hot weather. Lavender would be nice to have, so would be rosemary, acanthus mollis, hollylocks and even petunias too.

Bring down the need to weed

It takes a long time to completely get all the weeds out, so the best thing for maintenance would be to have bark chippings and even gravel stones applied, this would prevent weeds from gaining ground and spreading.

Look after the soil

Easy ideas for garden design and maintenance would also include taking care of the soil. This is a weapon with which half the battle on maintaining the garden and its design would be won. Use as much of organic matter as possible. Try and make your own compost at home, or even leaf mould as well. This would allow the water in the soil to be where it should be and aeration too would be guaranteed.t

In conclusion

If you have liked our ideas for garden design and the maintenance tips we provided, start on making that magical paradise manifest in front of your own eyes. Get in touch with an expert if need be, but ensure the adventure in making that dream garden is relaxing and fun!!

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