Trigger warning: References to Sexual abuse and violence

I am an Indian from an educated background with moderately liberal parents… no gender discrimination as such… all good in a way.

Irrespective of me being homosexual and crazily getting involved with many partners in life and sadly being still single but happily gay, I have been molested many a times from the very start.

Firstly by my maternal Grand Father, then the Driver, my tutor – you name it and so many people have molested me. I took charge of the situation and said things to defend myself. I was considered rude and ‘batameez’ and blah blah, but all these ups & downs have made me strong.

Today I can laugh it all all… but what arises here and what makes me wonder is that: What should bother me most? My sexuality or mishandling, as everything has over lapped and has left me confused….

This story is part of the#BreakTheSilencecampaign by Gaylaxy and How Revealing. If you identify as part of the queer community and you have experienced sexual abuse, harassment or bullying, you can share your experiencehere.
Let’s break the silence, inspire and help take the fight forward – together