My name is Shraeyansh. I’m 18 and identify as a transgender woman. I came out to the world in 2016 through an interview with an LGBT Online News Portal. I think coming out was the best gift that I gave myself yet because now I can live my life more authentically no matter how much hatred is out there.

Some people are born into their own body and some have to fight for it. It’s not that hard to understand. I think we can accomplish so much by coming out and talking about it. Because visibility is biggest thing we need right now. This is an issue that people die over. Kids, adults or mature. Not everyone has that courage or strength to accept themselves, love themselves and fight with the society.

We can’t choose our own families, but we can gather people around us who love us and support us, understand the struggle we might be going through. All #LGBT people need to be better allies to people within our own community. We need to support and love each other.

It’s obviously true that LGBTQ+ people has to face lot more problems than all the cis born heterosexuals. It’s stupid to not accept that we’re stigmatised, marginalized, humiliated, and also some times the victim of cruel violence.

And the best way to get rid of it is to FACE it. We have to come out and be proud about ourselves, because hiding yourself will keep killing you from inside and things are never going to change until you make that happen.

And YES! never ever forget the love!

Love is the only way to survive all the bullshit we’re going through.