To Marry or Not to Marry

dunnoy na jaane kyun

Every human wants happiness. I take that as an axiom.

My parents believe my happiness is in getting married to a woman. I know I will hate her for getting married to me. For making me live with her my entire life. Pretending to be happy. Trying to make her happy. I feel that will be too burdensome and one day I would start suffocating.

I understand my happiness will be to wake up with a simple guy beside me when I open my eyes in morning. He will accompany me to gym and jog. While he cooks the breakfast I will give him a kiss on the neck. Later while I wash the dishes, he’ll get dressed and I can tease him for taking too long in front of the mirror. As we leave on his bike, my parents will smile and wave from the verandah. He drops me to office and then goes about his work by himself. When I get bored in my office, I’ll call him up and irritate him with silly jokes. When he comes to pick me up in evening, he will honk the horn crazily outside my office as I try to hurriedly finish the last submission, while my colleagues (who know) will giggle silently.

He will be someone I can call my boy friend. Someone to bite my neck when I am naughty with him. Someone I can say I am in love with.

Tell me how not to want love ? Tell me how not to want happiness ? Tell me how to marry a woman and keep her this much happy ?