Delhi Pride today!

The Delhi queer pride 2014 (Facebook page) is

Protest in Delhi against Sec 377 on Dec 15th

Protest in Delhi against Sec 377 on Dec 15th

organised today, the 30th of November. The march is scheduled to start at the Tolstoy road — Barakhamba road crossing around 3pm and walk down to the Jantar Mantar. Nearly 2,000 people from the queer community and allies are expected to attend the pride.

This year the pride is themed around #pridekyun, or why pride, in Hindi. The organisers have set up a tumblr page where people have sent their photos and posters, saying why pride is important for them. The pride also culminates a month-long celebration of queer people in the capital, which has included poetry events, film festivals and art exhibitions.

The post pride program will also be held at the Jantar Mantar. The Asmita Theatre Group is scheduled to perform a street play themed around queer issues and several others will sing, dance and recite poetry all to celebrate queer pride. Join us. Gaylaxy will be tweeting from the pride, live.

Dhrubo Jyoti
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