While we rejoice at the presence of multiple spaces online and offline which cater to the needs of expression and discussion of Queer persons, a lot of things are creeping in, hiding from our eyes, not realizing that we are fueling the evils we have fought throughout. This is a form of infiltration, in the queer space itself, and needs to be checked, if not curbed.

In a space where there are a vast number of people, a Utopia cannot be expected. But a few simple steps, defining a proper policy, both politically and practically, can definitely make things work out better. Chaos results from an improper and vague political understanding, and infiltration results from chaos.

Many of the groups which have been popular as safe expression points are now losing their consistency with the word ‘safe’. Hate speech is on the rise, disagreement is being met with strong criticism in impolite inarticulate ways, and as a result, conscious thinkers about the holistic future of the group are losing their interest in doing so. Our foundations are nuzzy, not strong enough at times, and that time is not far away when a total collapse of the ‘system’ will occur. It is sad that spaces start out as something, and end up being something else.

It is important that we take this into consideration, try looking at the internal problems of queer community spaces, where expression is now being hampered by severe hatred that has crept in through the bridge of chaos, and try keeping it in check, so that the safety of expression is maintained.