A 37 year old man in Gujarat’s Dehgam was strangulated by his partner, who then decamped with the jewelry – a necklace, a ring, a bracelet and an earring, according to a report in Times of India. The murder came to light on April 15th when the neighbours complained of a strong stench and informed the victim’s family. The victim was staying in a rented accommodation in Dehgam.

The body was found semi – decomposed by the police and in a semi-naked state. Post mortem put the cause of death as strangulation and also revealed that the victim had sex before death.

On going through the contacts and call records, police zeroed in on two suspect – Tarang Khatri and Bhavik Goswami, both 22 years old. While Khatri is an electrician, Goswami is a student. Khatri was going through some financial trouble and conspired with Goswami to rob the victim, who was a moneylender.

“He (Khatri) conspired with Goswami to rob Rakesh. The duo reached his residence and after having intercourse with Khatri, Goswami reached the house and they overpowered Rakesh. They first strangulated him by hand and then with the help of a towel,” an investigator told Times of India.

Sukhdeep Singh