Word ‘Gay’ Deleted from Picture from LGBT Protest used in Congress’ Election Campaign Video #AbHogaNyay

Congress President Rahul Gandhi released the campaign video of the party over twitter. The campaign is titled Ab Hoga NYAY, building up on the NYAY scheme announced in the party’s manifesto that promises to give a minimum income guarantee to the poorest in India.

Releasing the video on twitter, Rahul Gandhi said, “With the concept of NYAY at its core, this campaign builds on the promises we’ve made to the people of India in our manifesto.” The video features people from various sections of the Indian Society – farmers, Hindus, muslims, Sikhs, the youth.

At around 43 seconds, the video shows two people hugging each other with an image in the background from one of the protest marches in India. While in the original image the poster reads, “I am Gay, Here to Stay… Even in Jail”, the picture in the video has the word Gay photoshopped out. The picture was captured in Delhi on 15th December 2013, just days after the Supreme Court had re-criminalised homosexuality in India.

The original image from pride march
A screenshot of the Congress Campaign video, that has the word Gay edited out

While the Congress Manifesto does promise to support LGBTI people and their rights, it is unclear why the word Gay would be edited out from the picture in the video.

Sukhdeep Singh