Poem: Just Another Gay Person



My life is no more different than yours.

I begin my day with a piece of toast and an egg.
I wear a suit, neat and ironed, and go to work.
I meet my boss and coworkers
They all love me, for I am diligent
With my work, and a friendly soul.

I sometimes visit my parents,
Who cook delicious meals and
Wait eagerly for my return.

On weekends, I go to bars,
Not the ones that too many others go to,
And enjoy, drink, kiss, and have a good time
With the one I love.

This is a secret.
None of my friends know where I disappear on those nights.


Yes, I came out as gay to the world
On Facebook.
Yes, I had the courage
to do it.

I do not, however, have the courage to be left
All alone.

The shops selling bread refuse to sell bread to me.
I often find myself hungry in the mornings,
As I did not have the courage to accept that humiliation.

My boss is polite, though I hear
The promotion that I was meant to be given
Will be given to a friend.

The coworkers shun me completely
Refuse to talk to me, and sometimes,
Look at me oddly,
As though I am a zoo animal.

My parents have shifted, and have not told me where they are.
They refuse to contact me.
My loving, supportive parents.

And I fear to leave my small apartment every night
As I think of the bar where I used to go to to forget my pains
I was going there that night, and on the way I heard,

They shot all my friends,
And the one I love.

I’m all alone, and no one to love me.

All because the one I loved was someone of the same sex.

Are you listening?
Will you be my friend in this cruel world?

Rishika Basu Majumdar

Rishika Basu Majumdar an undergraduate student pursuing a Psychology major from Ashoka University, Sonipat. She has a keen interest in writing and photography and prefers to write in free verse, about personal and social issues, and often merge the two. From time to time, she also posts pictures, poetry and pieces on her Facebook page.
Rishika Basu Majumdar

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