BJP Wants Homosexuality Criminalised In India


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After keeping mum on the issue of homosexuality and Section 377 for the last three days, BJP has finally let it known that it will not allow passage of any amendment to Sec 377 in the Parliament aimed at decriminalizing homosexuality. Talking to The Telegraph, BJP President said, “We will state (at an all-party meeting if it is called) that we support Section 377 because we believe that homosexuality is an unnatural act and cannot be supported.” He said that his party “unambiguously” supported re-criminalization of homosexuality.

The newspaper reported, “The BJP has now dropped its circumspection, probably on the assessment that the gay community is not electorally significant and the party stands to suffer a dent in its traditional base if it is seen to be supporting “unnatural acts”.” It also quoted BJP sources as telling that “this was a carefully considered , influenced by political “realities” prevailing on the “ground” and not by “simulated discussions in TV studios”.”

After the Supreme Court verdict on Sec 377 re-criminalising sexual acts apart from peno-vaginal penetration on 11 Dec, senior leaders of the party had been mostly silent on the issue. Some BJP leaders who did speak on the issue clearly stated that they supported the Supreme Court verdict. Sushma Swaraj, a senior leader had earlier said, “Let the government call an all-party meeting and discuss changes.”

Other BJP leaders had also gone on to say that homosexuality is unnatural and un-Indian. Meenakshi Lekhi had said, “We welcome the decision of the court because it is important that Section 377 remains.” Prakash Javdedkar, a BJP MP, when asked by TV channels about his views on the Supreme Court verdict had laughed and said, “I don’t talk about such things, Shiva Shiva.”

BJP also recently inducted Subramanian Swamy, who calls homosexuality a “mental disorder”. After the Supreme Court verdict, he had tweeted: “Debate on SC order on Section 377 is over. Yes to SC have prevailed with ok of over 80% of India. Let free sex w&w(wala and wali) wail: SC order final”.

In contrast, Congress leaders, including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, had criticized the Supreme Court verdict and called for a repeal/amendment of Sec 377. The UPA Government had said it is looking at all options available, including passing  Bill in the parliament or bringing in an ordinance, to change the law. Members of the LGBT community expressed their disappointment on the BJPs stand on social media, with many vowing not to vote for the BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh is a Facebook addict who works as a software engineer by day and transforms into a writer at night. He is also the founder and editor of Gaylaxy magazine.
Sukhdeep Singh
  • so all the scriptures are non indian so krishna is non indian
    so arjun is non indian
    mahabharathi king Shikhandi is non indian plus khajuraho and Kam sutra is non indian

    WTF is BJP talking about do they even have clue about there own religion
    pick up any indian scripture it will tell you a story about a LGBTQ person and its not cause of him god brought floods or killed the people
    But how that person helped GODs to win

  • Amy

    Who is BJP to decide to whom people should live their life? You people seriously need to be literate enough to know about Homosexualily. Homosexuality neither mental disorder or western revolution, its a Human reality which was there,which is there & which will be there. Moreover you people are dumb or what if its disorder then why most of the country accepted it & legalized it? Be literate & give your verdict on someone’s personal life(which is actually uncultured behavior).

    • Akash Mehta

      it’s actually understandable why they would do such an action … while homosexuality is completely natural and worth the support so that people can live their life without fear or shame. Indians have been imprinted with the mindset that homosexuality is an unethical and immoral act since the Britishers came here and called for the making of the SEC 377 bill … so if the party wants the majority vote, whats actually right or wrong doesn’t matter, but what is accepted by the people as right or wrong matters

      • Abhishek

        This exactly. The reasoning for taking the stand against Homosexuality is based less out of prejudice but more of the consequence of BJP in favor of it. A huge percent of our country is still very traditional and considers homosexuality to be immoral and wrong. The same majority is also responsible for voting during the recent elections and is a big part of BJP’s vote base. BJP probably had their hands tied in this situation, as embracing and allowing homosexuality would lead to a terrible backlash from their own voters/supports. While it is quite unfair to criminalize or discriminate someone based on their sexual orientation, I can understand BJP’s situation and stand in this entire matter.

        The only way to actually resolve this situation is to create more awareness amongst the traditional mindset of India and hope that they understand and embrace such changes. We need to accept and move towards a future that is way different from the past.


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    • rohit

      NAMO4PM- why don;t you leave the country and go to the middle east which is known for intolerence an facsim? pple like you have no place in a democrazy, yr mindset stinks, like u

    • vforvendetta

      why are u so lame? so ignorant? how can a country elect a party out of sheer ignorance! this country has no bloody future.. so full of shitheads like you

  • Padma

    I totally agree with devvrat. Indian mythology and various other religious scriptures have LGBT and they are treated at par with other characters. So pl do not quote religion to impose their ideas on people. Ayyappa, who’s temple is on Sabrimala, was born to Vishnu ( Mohini) and Shiva. Every year millions of devotees visit the temple from Oct to Jan.

  • Rifs

    a welcoming & gud decision by bjp govt..

  • tanu

    lo aur karo support BJP ko…first communalism and now homosexuality..

  • sameer

    I wud like to explain here few things… All the news content here is an idiot thing BJP never sed so… Its fake… Trying to create an issue even after congress lost the election very badly…
    The writer is creating issues amongst us… Dnt wrry guys nothing is going to change expect bad governence to gud goverence, corruption to bo cprrupton, scams to no scams, unemployment to employment…

  • Aneesh

    I think the BJP lied to us all and this country is going to go from a democracy to a communist regime or at the very least a dictatorship. They shouted slogans like ‘vote for change’ and ‘vote for progress’. The BJP speaks of ‘Democracy’ and ‘Good Governance’ and ‘Development’ and then once the power comes into their hands they forget everything they said about development and lie and do things like ban homosexuality. Grow up people, if you want to live in a democracy then you have to be liberal. Live and let live. They are people too. A reason why countries like the USA and the UK and Germany are superpowers today is because they have a liberal attitude towards their citizens. Obviously India is far behind because we had these stupid ‘bhaiyyas’ sitting in the Parliament whose attitude towards such things will never change. And guess what, the same people are still sitting in the Parliament.. So I guess it’s inevitable that this country will never progress. Neither socially nor economically. And all you fools can continue to be ‘Stinky Indians’ in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  • pabitra panda

    I wud like to explain here few things… All the news content here is an idiot thing BJP never sed so… Its fake… Trying to create an issue even after congress lost the election very badly…
    The writer is creating issues amongst us… Dnt wrry guys nothing is going to change expect bad governence to gud goverence, corruption to bo cprrupton, scams to no scams, unemployment to employment…

  • Shubham

    1st of all. All BJP haters, BJP didn’t make any such comment. Let us see in coming 5 years how does this govt performs and decide it’s good or not.

    We are a democracy and have justifications to support INC, AAP, BJP etc. Every one has voted to the one they believed in.

    With an open mind, lets accept the current govt and judge it at end of 5 Years.