Gujarat’s Second LGBT Pride March In Ahmedabad On 1st Dec

Pride March held in Surat, Gujarat on Oct 6, 2013

Pride March held in Surat, Gujarat on Oct 6, 2013

After New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune; Ahmedabad will be joining the platform on 1st December by holding a LGBT pride march this year. The march is being organised by Swavlambi  Chuval  Mandal & Gujarat LGBT Pride Festival and will be Ahmedabad’s first LGBT Pride March. Another city in Gujarat had held a pride walk in October. The October 6 pride walk was held in Surat and had put Gujarat on the LGBT pride map of India.

“Ahmedabad, being one of the most conservative Indian cities, is finally coming out in public by rallying for equal rights for LGBT in India,” said Nakshatra, who had been instrumental behind Surat’s pride this year in October. The pride is supposed to start from IT building at 9 in the morning and end at Gandhi Ashram by 11:00 am. Although the date of the pride clashes with World Aid’s Day, organisers are hoping for a major turnout for the cause. “I am expecting a few foreign nationals and around 200 members to join us on Sunday,” said Nakshatra. “This pride will strengthen our demand for equal rights.”

Organisers believe that the city has witnessed major increase of the LGBT crowd in past few years and such social events will undoubtedly bring out closeted members to the pride-walks across the nation.

(Below: A video of Surat Pride)

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  • homo_sapiens

    Great news. Now soon we can expect the conservative backlash. First will be the anti-HIV/AIDS scares. Then men will be arrested enmass in the bathrooms. Gay men will be accused of being child molesters. The media will heat up with talking heads mouthing off. Finally some peace plan will be worked out where half the gay people will be put in prison for the safety of society and the rest will be given cushy jobs making India look like a good place for Western Democracy and Big Money Investment.

    Gay people want their rights, but are they ready for war? I think they do not know anything about the 1970’s and 80’s in America. Right now Hyderabad is the gayest big city in India. Also the most conservative. Once the gay rights movement comes to town, with its identity framework, society will ensure gay becomes an endangered species. Because if its one thing that deflates an erection, it’s being made to identify as gay or straight. Males who used to play for fun will now have to process themselves as belonging or not belonging to the gay caste.

    This is the reality of the conflict that is opening up in India. Rainbow flags and open society of Western culture hides the fact gay life is barren, isolating and lonely. Homosexuality and homosociality used to go hand in hand. In America, men can’t even touch each other, much less engage in fleeting meaningless sex. In India it happens more than you think. Much more.

    But I think no more. If I’m right, watch for a sign: holding hands between men will no longer be acceptable in India in 10 years. It will be something “backward” men from the village do. Sophisticated urbane boys and men will know its gay to hold hands.

    If you think I’m joking, next time you meet your American friend, try to hold his hand. Try to hold his hand in public. You will be shocked at his reaction.

    Don’t say it’s nothing. It’s a culture of prudery heightened by a fear of being thought of as gay. In a culture where gay is quiet and hidden, there is no such thought.

    Which society is better: one in which men are free to touch each other, and enjoy gay relationships privately? Or a society where men are forbidden to touch one another, and gay life is celebrated on televisions while society gets colder and lonelier?

    But we gay people –I am gay– have to celebrate the rainbow flags and the pride parades. Anything less is traitorous. The wealthy and educated elites have their personal heart ache to resolve, across the national press. You will never find a poor Indian fighting for gay rights. They will all be English speaking, highly influenced by American culture. I say rainbow flags and pride is traitorous.

    Don’t instigate the backlash. Instead, work quietly.

    Or believe the illusion of American freedom, and bet the house. Just don’t cry to me when it burns down.