Creative Writing

Sikh, Transman

Poem: Singh is Queer

Rage Ego Lust Greed Attachment The five that we can not abide by Not one of them mentions Queer existence. They say I cannot be a Queer Sikh As if they sat across the table with Guru Ji. They quote people against homosexuality Never on... Read More...
man with nath

Poem: Nath

“Poetry Is Possible” is a new poetry book by Vikram Kolmannskog. It is coloured by Vikram’s identity as a gay, spiritual, Indian-Norwegian man. 

Poem: The Cat and the Lover

Motherfucker! That's what I'm labelled as because I kiss girls. I kiss girls whereas I should be kissing boys. I hold hands with my girlfriend who is clumsy and trips on road while wearing sneakers. Homo! Faggot! That's all I hear on the streets... Read More...

Poem: Coming Out

Thinking beyond my capabilities, Stop calling them as atrocities. Awaiting the news, I feared the worst and hoped for the best. Life was about to put my fami... Read More...