6th Chennai Rainbow Pride To Be On June 29th

Chennai Pride

It’s Pride month! The excitement can’t get better especially after Facebook has rolled out the new bunch of Pride emoticons and the world over is gearing up to celebrate this month with rainbows. Chennai’s sixth annual rainbow Pride is coming up to celebrate visibility of alternate sexualities and gender identities. Here’s more information –

When is it?

June 29th, at Egmore, Rajarathnam Stadium. So, go book your tickets now! (Time will be announced soon)

Who is organizing it?

The ‘Tamil Naidu Rainbow Coalition’, which was formed recently bringing together representative organizations from various districts of the state.

What are the different events as part of the Pride celebrations?

There’s story telling workshop, poetry reading, 377 awareness events, meetings with Parents and Supporters, Film Screenings and much more. For the detailed schedule, please visit chennaipride.net

How to get in touch with the organizers?

You can contact Siva (98406 99776) and Jaya (98418 65423) or mail to orinamwebber@gmail.com,

Why is this important?

To celebrate the NALSA judgment of April 15, 2014 which recognized the rights of transgender people and held that discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation are unconstitutional. And also to spread more awareness regarding the disappointing Supreme Court Judgment of December 2013 on Section 377 and spread hope for the pending curative petition.

You can also follow them on Twitter – @chennaipride


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