Watch: A young Hijra and a married Marathi Gay Couple share their stories with IIT-Bombay students

Fida and Sammer and Amit share their stories.

Fida and Sameer and Amit share their stories.

Connect Conversations is India’s first LGBTQ-themed web-series, consisting of LGBTQ people talking about their stories and experiences. It is a part of ‘Saathi Connect’, a project by some IIT Bombay students that seeks to document stories of LGBTQ people and allies in Indian languages. Connect Conversations consists of one or two conversations released each Friday with a total of 12 videos scheduled.

This is the third week of the series, and features Fida, Sameer and Amit as speakers.

Fida is a young Hijra from Mumbai. She talks about realizing her gender identity and the ordeal which followed. This video will take you into the journey of a person who chooses to walk into one of the most ubiquitous, yet least understood communities of the Indian Subcontinent – The Hijra community.

Sameer and Amit are a Maharashtrian couple who live in the United States. They have been together for 11 years, and got married five years ago. This video has been released in their anniversary week and this is the first time they are talking about their experience.

There are more such videos coming up and also written stories and illustrations as a part of the Saathi Connect project. You can stay updated on Saathi Connect’s Facebook page orYouTube channel.

Saathi Connect is funded by Fondation Rainbow Solidarité. It is created by members of Saathi – IIT Bombay’s LGBTQ resource group, and is co-ordinated by The Humsafar Trust.

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