1. Will always talk about caste and dalit oppression.
  2. Hates big corporates and corporate sponsorship, but doesn’t mind wearing branded clothes
  3. Hates the BJP
  4. Opposes Corporate Sponsorhip/participation in Pride Marches, can even lie down on road for that.
  5. Can be found raising anti-national Azaadi slogans at a Pride March
  6. Is a pass-out of JNU/Jadavpur/Presidency/HCU/UoH, or hangs around these campuses.
  7. Wears gender-neutral clothing or a Kurta
  8. Swears by Intersectionality
  9. Every second word uttered is “Cisgender” or “Oppression” or “Ambedkar” or “Privilege” or “Pinkwashing” or “neo-liberal” or “patriarchy” or “misogyny” or “periyar” or “self-respect”
  10. Moves around with a jhola that has a copy of “Annihilation of Caste
  11. Is presently reading “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” by Arundhati Roy
  12. Favourite colour is Red
  13. Considers only Muslims and Christians as a minority.
  14. Is blind about class privileges and their English speaking ‘capabilities’
  15. Talks about how Queer spaces are elitist and upper class, but will not have a single friend from the working class
  16. Is against body shaming and self confessed poly-amorous sapiosexual but will not mind sleeping with the model types once in a while
  17. Will speak on behalf of queer women using gender neutral pronouns!

(With inputs from: Rituparna Borah, Sayan Bhattacharya, Smit Kumar, Rudra Kishore Mandal)

(Illustration by: Aritra Paul)

Sukhdeep Singh