Watch: Indian Mother’s reaction to her daughter’s coming out


YTV network carried a prank where a girl (Shynee) told her mother that she is a lesbian and wants to spend the rest of her life with a friend (Payal). Her mother is shocked and berates her, saying that she is talking too much nonsense these days. She also reminds her of the society, her fathers dream of marrying her off. But when Payal cries unconsolably, her heart melts and she soon tells her daughter that she will support her and slowly reveal it to her father.

Watch the complete video below.

P.S: YTV network had the following message added below the video: “the actual footage is over 15 minutes long and as there were a lot of personal discussions, Shiney’s mother obviously didn’t want them to be shared. It took alot of convincing on our part for Shiney’s mother to allow us to release this on YTV Network. So, yes the video is edited to take out certain parts and have a reasonable length to be put on YT. So please don’t belittle the message and/or the reactions. Moreover, in the actual footage, Shiney laughed alot just before she finally told her mother that there’s a camera and it was all being filmed. That’s why you see her mother with a smile just before she’s told that it was all being filmed.”

Sukhdeep Singh