Watch: Zakir Naik Says People Become Homosexual Because They Have Sex With Too Many Women

Zakir Naik, a muslim televangelist, has been in the news ever since it emerged that muslim youth have been getting radicalised listening to his sermons on TV and a few have gone on to join ISIS as well. The Indian Govt too is investigating Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation. Dr. Naik’s sermons are often regressive, and sometimes borders on hate speech for other communities. As expected of him, he views homosexuality as haraam (forbidden).

In this video, he not only launches into a tirade against homosexuality, telling that Bible prescribes homosexuals be stoned to death (a practice that ISIS has been following in its territories), but also comes up with a new explanation for homosexuality- Men become gay because they start mingling freely with girls and have sex with 30-50 women and then get tired and want something different! Now that is a theory we had never heard before (and only Dr. Naik is capable of putting forth).


Sukhdeep Singh