Ask Bhola Da

A new year has dawned and I hope it is treating my readers well. 2011 has been a mixed bag year for Bholada. While the love showered by readers has been amazing, on personal front, the year has not been very gay. But I hope it was not the case with my readers, especially in sexual lives. I sincerely hope my sexual tips are good enough for you all. Here’s hoping 2012 will be a fantabulous and rocking year for all.

In this edition of Ask Bholada, I will share with you little information on “Molluscum contagium”. It is a viral skin infection. It causes raised, pearl-like papules or nodules on the skin.

Question: How does Molluscum spread?

Bholada Says: Molluscum contagium is a disease which can spread in many ways including sexual contact. It is caused by a provirus which is transmitted when a person comes in contact with a lesion in the patient. Contact with clothes, towels or any usable material used by the infected person can also spread the virus. Lesions in gential parts are prone to spreading the disease too. Infection with HIV enhances the chances of infection with this virus.

Question: How do I understand that I have Molluscum?

Bholada Says: A typical molluscum lesion begins as a small, painless papule. It becomes raised up to a pearly, flesh-colored nodule. They occur in lines, at places where the infected person has scratched. Scratching causes the virus to spread in groups called crops. Scratching also causes inflammation. Lesions are commonly seen on the genitals, abdomen, and inner thigh.

Question: What is the treatment available for Molluscum?

Bholada Says: People with a healthy immune system deal with the virus with normal mechanisms and the disease disappears in due course of time, ranging from over a period of months to years. However, persons with a compromised immune system (such as AIDS) may have a rapidly worse case of molluscum contagiosum.

Surgical removal of individual lesions is practiced in many cases. It is done through scraping, de-coring, freezing, or through needle electrosurgery. However these procedures leave scar on the skin. Removal of warts and lesions using medication is also widely prevalent. That too has side effects like decolouration of skin. Cantharidin, commonly called “beetle juice”, is the most common solution used to treat the lesions. Tretinoin cream or imiquimod cream may also be prescribed.

Question: How to prevent this disease?

Bholada Says: Avoiding direct contact with infected people is the best preventive policy. Do not share stuffs like towels. Avoiding sex can also prevent molluscum virus. I know it’s difficult to abstain from sex. So the next best solution is to have a monogamous affair. Adopting safe sex practices is of supreme importance.

In summation, I will again repeat my earlier lecture. Never have sex with a stranger. And when you do, make sure he is healthy. Ciao for now, have fun folks.