2017 Will See More XXL Men On Fashion Magazines

Don’t we just love the XXL tag? We do, and I personally believe in the old saying “the bigger the better”. As someone that loves “plus size” men or adores “big men” (my preference), I was so happy and pleased to read this news on a leading UK daily online- Inside the UK’s first plus-size model agency for MEN: How XXL guys are set to change the face of the fashion industry in 2017

Plus size model Cristian Paris (Image source: Daily Mail)

Admiring all shapes and sizes

I have known of many brands and designers in the west, promoting plus size fashion at their stores, outlets and on many fashion weeks for women only; now it is turn for the big boys to come out and flaunt their hauteness. What better way to begin the NEW YEAR with, than watch the bulky big men strut their stuff and for the fashion world to finally wake up to the reality that all sizes and shapes matter.

Ben Whit, the UK’s ‘first plus size model’ (Image source: Dailymail.co.uk)

India though needs to take a big cue, and just by having one or two outlets wouldn’t be enough. One size doesn’t fit all, six packs don’t mean healthy always and just because someone is plus size, with curves and with love handles, extra chin and bulky thighs (hot hot hot), it doesn’t mean they are “ugly” or not “desirable” and this video would say it all *wink*.

‘The recent growth of women’s fashion for all sizes has been a fantastic step in the right direction for the industry,‘ says Charlotte, as told to a leading news daily online!

Cristian Paris (Image source: Daily Mail)

Here are some of the hottest plus sized boys from around the globe we can drool on!

Syed Saud Sohail

Syed Saud Sohail – Leading Canadian Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger.

Zach Miko

Zach Miko- First Brawn Model with IMG Models

Michael-Anthony Spearman

Michael Anthony Spearman aka The Big Fashion Guy

Matthew Simko

Matthew Simko is a TV host, men’s style expert, lifestyle expert

Marquis Neal

Marquis Neal (Image source: backstagetales.com)

Benjamin Montanez

Benjamin Montanez – Plus size model (Image source: www.thesun.co.uk)

Ricardo Onorato

Riccardo Onorato – Plus Size Male Fashion Blogger (Image source: www.chestorie.com)

A quote from tumblr that I heart!!

“Because nobody recognizes that there are different male body types.
Because nobody ever talks about how beautiful plus size men are.
Because I have never seen a plus size male model walking down a runway.
Because I have never seen an article about self love for fat guys.
Because I have never seen any sort of representation for larger men when I look through body positivity pages.
Because there really is no support system out there for larger men who are insecure about there bodies.”

Check out male model Jesse


Amen to that!

DISCLAIMER: Now let’s hear the many idiots that condemn body types different from the ‘muscular’ and ‘athletic’ ones say anything more! Such a**holes should shove up their discriminatory body shaming opinions up their arse!

Quite a spread 😉

Rohan Noronha