Lasting Impressions

Gay romantic CoupleRohan Noronha talks to his friends to learn about their turn ons and tells you how to spice up things on bed

It’s funny that we want everything around us to reduce, be it the download time of our favorite movie or probably a boring boardroom meeting. But when it comes to sex and bedroom games with our partners, we love it when it goes on forever and ever, isn’t it?

Sex is something to be enjoyed and who doesn’t like it when the games have some spice and heat thrown into it. Hence today I would like to share with you a few secrets to make him go crazy and wild for you, not to forget getting all your fantasies fulfilled as well. But remember, sex is not only an action between your legs, it’s all in the mind as well.
So what I did was to speak to a few gay and straight friends of mine (straight friends were women), who could share what turns them on, and what men (tops) should do to make bottoms happy on bed. After all sex is a game which plays by the rules “give and take” isn’t it, so why should tops have all the fun?

Shed your inhibitions and know what he wants: Yes, when you come out of your shell and express your sexual feelings and desires to your partner, only then he would know what you desire, don’t expect him to be a psychic. You need to speak up to be heard or else live in the rut of sexual dissatisfaction.

Know the right spots to touch: There are erogenous zones on a man’s body which can turn him on the moment you touch him. This would lead to wilder sexual possibilities. But how do you get to know that? One friend of mine suggests “watch porn”. I didn’t quite understand this at first and he goes on to explain, “There is no harm in watching porn with your boyfriend, I do it always.” To which he added and I quote him, “Porn shows me the moves, the games and the way the stars perform over one another. If there is a certain act I like, I am turned on and instantly my partner gets to know which spots on me needs to be touched, rubbed, nibbled or bitten.” I laughed silently in my head when he said this, but hey I guess this is true, because when you watch a certain act, for example nipple play, and you rub yourself around the aerola watching the act, your partner gets the hint what turns you on, need I say more!!

Candies, chocolates, red wine, good food leads to better sex: And this is not only for the movie buffs but this works in real life as well. Do what makes you feel happy and active before the act of sex. Even good music and dancing can bring the two of you closer, leading to foreplay and wild sex at a later stage. Wear your best and smell good, go kinky in your desires with sexy lingerie, the choice is yours my friend, but don’t be a couch potato expecting him to come seduce you and finally go down on you.

So folks, I hope this little researched article helps you have good sex and makes at least some of your fantasies come true!!

Rohan Noronha