Make Holi Sexy Dressing Up Hot This Year

The cold is gone- winters have ended, which means it is time for you to strip and show off that hot body of yours. Yes, it’s time to unravel the hotness in you and on you (no matter what your body type is) and dress up sexy for Holi 2022.

You never know who’s looking and may want to tete-a-tete with you, post the colorful fun. So here are some ideas on dressing up sexy for Holi 2022. Please check them out and let me know what you think.

Just denims

Quite the niche in being sexy- wear nothing but basic denims, and let the body do the talking. You don’t have to have a muscled chest for the same, but if you do, flaunt it like there is no tomorrow.

White trainers

White always somehow rules the roost during Holi. White trainers too this time would make you look sexy. Once again, go shirtless and let the white trainers do the talking. Hands with colours all over there- quite a picture perfect scene.

Sexy swim trunks

If there is a pool party for Holi 2022 you have been invited to, raise the hotness. Wear sexy swim trunks that are colorful and make a splash turning heads around.

Short shorts

Free those thighs and maybe a little something more, wearing short shorts like our dads did in the 70s. They are super comfy, hot and sensual- you’d love flaunting your bottom, especially if you are a bottom. And for doms and tops, this would be a great way to flaunt your snake (wink)

Kurtas for sure

 If you have the height, the V shaped body and more, go traditional and wear a hot white kurta- it never gets boring, not when it gets all wet and colorful and you flaunt your hot bod through it all.

Floral prints

For all you sexy bottoms out there, try flowers on clothes. Floral prints were a rage in the 70s, so why not bring them back again? From shirts to shorts and more, florals this time for the festival of colours.

Tye and dye

To oomph up the sultry heat and create a statement, go casual with tye and dye prints this season. Celebrities have flaunted it always- its time you to do the same. From shirts to shorts, tees to pants and more- tye and dye baby will make heads turn.

So here were a few ideas on how to dress haute and sexy for Holi 2022. Do have a lot of fun and don’t be naughty with the hotty out there- not too much!

Rohan Noronha