The act of sex can be done in many ways, and there are many ways I say. More than just the pounding, what really turns your partner on is the act of foreplay. Now I don’t need to tell you all about foreplay, you are smart enough to figure out that for yourself, aren’t you? There are many erogenous zones on a man’s body per se to lick, suck and bite or nibble. And those zones turn him on like crazy. But the most ignored zone is thee nipples. Yes, a man’s nips, they are just as important as any other zone of erotica on him, so don’t ignore them.

Each guy is different when it comes to which erogenous zone gives him the best arousal to touch. With women, we share some of the common ones, such as the mouth, the ears, the back door, the groin and of course, the nipples.

Well, you cannot but pay attention to the way the nips stand up when he is turned on, and that calls for attention; even yours would be erect in the act of foreplay. A man’s nipples has sensitive nerves located there, which means, when you touch his nipples, lick it, bite it or suck on them, he would feel pleasure. We may not have sensitivity as much as women do with their nipples, but hey, even the little that we have is more than enough to turn him on.

You must make it exciting on bed for him, as well as for you too. There are varied combinations of massaging the nipples with your fingers, your tongue, and play with your own while you play with his too. While going down on him, you can suck, bite and tease, during the act of sex, and it would come natural to you. Use your imagination and there is a lot you can do with his man pepperonis.

Did you know you could have a nipple orgasm?

Yes, it is true that men can have nipple orgasms, so you must try out nipple play with your partner as well. Talk to him about the techniques he would like to try, what makes him feel good and what you should avoid, which he doesn’t like. Communication is the key here, and there is a lot of adventure in nipple play I say, believe me!

Start by setting the mood

Turn down the lights and light some candles, play some sensual music. When the mood is set, everything sexy and relaxing can begin. Get comfy with him, so that the two of you can focus on feeling all things pleasurable and sexy, without feeling uncomfortable.


Allow your mind to wander

Yes, you must allow your mind to wander a little and think about things that turn you on. When you fantasise, you can make roleplay and foreplay more exciting. And this will arouse the two of you all the more. Don’t rush into things, take your time and enjoy all the sensations that you fell from playing with his nipples and yours at the same time.

Let your fingers start it out

Allow your fingers to start the talk on nipple play, and if you want you can add other sensations and toys to enhance the pleasure. Use lotions, oils, and if you have nipple clamps and vibrators, the more the merrier. Allow one hand to wander while the other twitches and teases his nipples.

Try some hot breath on him

When he starts breathing out warm air around, it’s time for you to get onto your nipples and stimulate them.

Get started with the licking now, and there are so many ways to do that. Trace small circles around his areola. You can also flick the nipple with the tip of your tongue. Also use the flat part of the tongue to cover the whole nipple and lick well.

Try sucking, don’t just stop at licking. Make him moan while you suck his puppies, and allow him to suck yours too. This would increase blood flow and more sensitivity to the area.

If you are into nibbling, have your man nibble yours a little, which brings on more pleasure and sensation for both of you to enjoy.

For more pleasure try these

  1. Lotions and oils – Applying warm oil and cool lotions all over the nipple area enhances arousal while nipple play is on.
  2. Use ice – send a lot of chills throughout his body using ice cubes, and it makes the nipples erect instantly as well.
  3. Do you have a vibrator? Nipple vibrators are great way to let your hands be free while you stimulate his nipples and feel the sensations all the way down there.
  4. If you have clamps, use them- whether they vibrate or not, you can titillate and tease those nipples by using clamps.

In a nutshell

Playing with your penis and playing with his as well isn’t the only way to bring in arousal and orgasms. There are ways nipple play can bring you to an earth shaking orgasm. There are so many ways that you can use your nipples to provide more pleasure and fun, just learn to be creative, imaginative and experiment- with consent of course. Have fun and remember, don’t ignore those nipples.

Rohan Noronha