Pursuit of Happiness

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Pursuit of Happiness

This is not a gay related post. Though I will talk about the gay community in general but any person should relate to it. I am talking about happiness and joy in general. People are always in pursuit of happiness all the time, for it is only normal. Of course, happiness does not always include the pleasure and satisfaction of self needs. Happiness can be pursued by helping other people or doing something for others. It all depends on the situation involved. Yes, happiness is tricky and we hear people complaining and moaning all the time about it. They always claim that they never find happiness and of course we always hear new lectures about the pursuit of happiness and how to vanquish sadness and misery from our lives. I could go on and write a book about the human mind and how it seeks self satisfaction and how it works.

But I am going to limit myself to the members of the community in particular. Most people I see have this tendency to feel low all the time. And yes, while it is true that many people have problems in their lives regarding the coping of pressure and working out solutions of personal problems, most people tend to magnify their problems. They feel self pity and always find someone else to blame for it.

The thing is everyone has solutions to their problems. The answer lies in being lucky and working on finding it. Yes, life does play many tricks on you and more often than not life truly is unfair. However, no matter what the consequences and no matter what the pain… standing up to your problems and saying “No I shall not fall” does indeed work wonders.
Yes, being gay is certainly not easy at all. You will face a million problems out there and a zillion more obstacles will be laid in front of you. But keeping your head cool and working slowly but steadily will make life seem better.

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