The Identification Of A Drag Queen – Vol 1

Drag QueenHe applies a pack of highly over the top pink mascara and screaming tones of purple blush. The hair worn today is marigold and ultra long compared to the teal short bob worn in the morning. The eye lashes are long enough to catch every other jealous Barbie’s eye. The dress is a gangrene mix of razzmatazz and mismatch colours. The heels worn are ultra sky high and he struts with equal élan and swag. Wait you ask. Is he a second rate Gaga? No! The new transformed fierce woman is no Gaga but yes, she is an elegant flower just being blossomed from her cocoon. Call her she or call her he (yes, a he), she is just every other girl being kept in the orthodox limitations of a man. Ladies and gentlemen, here arrives a drag queen.

Being projected in to a replica of a B grade woman does not provide justice to her identity. She holds her horses after much deliberation to make her own mark in this gender specific world. Bullying, eve teasing and being humiliated are just some of the stains she has been subjected to during her entire life. One look behind her quirky get up and people whisper in hushed tones, “Is she a psychopathic woman who has just been eloped from a mental asylum?” Be it performing for an audience or simply trotting in front of such catty people, she is a woman who is mercilessly thrown at the public eye 24×7, 365 days a year. This pretty much explains her pan caked make up and outrageous wigs to cover such every day tribulations and insensitive condemnation. So should we display affection in the form of sympathy for this delicate little incense filled flower?

The answer is a no. She needs no pity for she is here to stay. Though she shares a dark and horrific past, her sheer joy in walking like a diva and lighting a dull room to its fully glory explains the very fact that she is a strong individual. Away from her past and worthless luck, she has fought every tooth and nail to become what she is today. Truly a queen with utmost order. It is intriguing and astounding to see her weave many of her fantasy filled dreams conclude to reality. Be it a character she is portraying today or making a statement by wearing thick florescent lipstick, she is well aware of the technical knowhow on how to be a stand out amongst a regular crowd. She knows no definitions for she is an ever changing chameleon spreading her fuchsia coloured wings wherever she goes. Switching from Marilyn Monroe on Saturday to a life sized Barbie for the rest of the week, she jumps from one alter ego to another with impeccable justice and poise.

So why are they shunned around the world? I have a theory. We humans as a race are so accustomed to scheduled emotions and mannerisms that we have almost forgotten the dire need for change. They are here to splash some tangy colours on our black and white faces. Their personalities are exceptionally lady like reminiscing that she is the one to be given respect and though full of beans should not be taken for granted. They are way too liberal in being humorous almost to the extent of creating a bold statement around. But they are naughty girls who just wanna have fun! Cyndi Lauper, you listening?

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