Ashley Tellis

LGBT and Sexual Harassment

Public, unfounded accusations are what we, as LGBT people, suffer every day of our lives. Unlike the internet vigilantes, we should see the irony and the contradiction in repeating those dangerous and lawless tactics pretending it is justice we seek through them.

Bad Hijras vs Good Trans and the Delusional Trans Utopia

Creating hierarchies of minorities within minorities is not helpful. We have to fight that fight together, not play the game of competing marginalities and disavowals of who we are historically and psychically based on fantasies of our own radicalism and supposed freedom to be who we are.

The Tough Work of Sexuality

We have to address the binary construction of dominant heterosexuality with all its institutions and the ways it has inscribed itself in our psyches. There is a bigger Law at play and that is the law of the psyche.

The New Homophobia

Gay people become acceptable only when there is no shimmer of a suspicion that there’s anything going on between the same sexes in bed
puppet strings

Lots To Fix

Drama, plays a crucial part in how we are formed, so why can’t meeting a guy be about sharing that drama, understanding it, helping each other?

Standing Up To Abuse

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The Desire for Humiliation

Ashley Tellis wonders why Indian gay men are in denial of the humiliation they suffer on and off the bed The internet is full of straight men looking for gay... Read More...

Ashley Tellis

Ashley Tellis is an LGBT rights activist and an academic